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ADHD is the most common behavioral disorder among children and also affects millions of American adults today. At Trilogy Behavioral Health Services, the mental and behavioral health specialists led by Nikki Myles, NP, provide the best in compassionate patient-centered ADHD care. With two main offices in Germantown and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and additional telehealth-based offices in Reno, Nevada; Sheridan, Wyoming; Oro Valley, Arizona; St. Petersburg, Florida; Boulder, Colorado; and Portland, Oregon, the team has your family’s needs covered. Call the nearest office or book an appointment online now. 


What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a behavioral health disorder that affects the attention span, concentration, and behavior of the children and adults impacted. There are two main subtypes of ADHD, including:


Inattentive ADHD causes issues related to attention. Some common problems with this kind of ADHD include lack of focus, making careless mistakes, lack of organization, losing items often, and avoiding tasks that require concentrated mental effort. 


Hyperactive/impulsive ADHD causes symptoms related to behavior. Common symptoms in kids include: 

  • Fidgeting
  • Blurting out answers in school
  • Extreme impatience
  • Difficulty remaining quiet
  • Excessive energy

In adults, symptoms often include increased risk-taking behaviors, restlessness, and pacing or other mindless repetitive habits. 


Combined presentation ADHD causes symptoms of inattention along with hyperactive/impulsive symptoms. This is the most common ADHD presentation. 

How is the ADHD brain different?

Neuroimaging research has shown that the brains of people with ADHD have clear structural and size differences compared to those of people without ADHD. 

People with ADHD also have lower levels of important brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). These factors can directly contribute to your ability to manage emotions, focus, and organize. 

You didn’t cause these changes in your brain, and ADHD isn’t your fault. But, you can take control when it comes to treatment and long-term management of the condition. 

What is the best ADHD treatment today?

At Trilogy Behavioral Health Services, the team focuses on creating an individualized treatment plan for you, so your best treatment might be very different from another person’s. Overall, the team uses a holistic whole-person approach encompassing mental, physical, and behavioral health. 

Many patients get the best results with lifestyle changes and ADHD medication. The medication can help alter brain chemicals to better balance your thoughts and emotions. 

Psychotherapy is also helpful for many people with ADHD. It gives you a better understanding of your condition and helps you learn effective ways to manage your symptoms when they occur. 

ADHD treatment at Trilogy Behavioral Health Services can help you heal, improve your coping skills, and greatly enhance your quality of life. If you or your child have ADHD symptoms, reach out to the office nearest you by phone or schedule an appointment online.