Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

Many factors contribute to your weight, including your physical and mental health. At Trilogy Behavioral Health Services, experienced nurse practitioner Nikki Myles, NP, and the caring team understand all the factors that play into difficulty with weight loss. They use a holistic approach to help you succeed and maintain your results. The main offices are in Germantown and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with additional telehealth-based offices in Reno, Nevada; Sheridan, Wyoming; Oro Valley, Arizona; St. Petersburg, Florida; Boulder, Colorado; and Portland, Oregon, so call the nearest one or book online now. 

Weight Loss Q & A

Why can’t I succeed with weight loss?

A lack of weight loss success may come down to physical and mental issues that you didn’t properly recognize and address in the past. Weight loss is complex, requiring an approach that focuses on the whole person. 

The holistic treatment plans at Trilogy Behavioral Health Services do exactly that by using a well-rounded approach and recognizing your individual needs. 

What can I expect in a medical weight loss program?

With the medical weight loss program at Trilogy Behavioral Health Services, experienced medical professionals design your treatment and coordinate your care while always emphasizing your whole-person needs. Some of the core aspects of medical weight loss include: 

Eating plan

A new eating plan is one of the most essential parts of the medical weight loss approach, but it’s not a crash diet or a dangerous fad. The team designs an eating plan that actually improves your bodywide health and decreases your risk of common weight-related problems like heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. 


Exercise is critical for your weight and overall health. As little as 20 minutes of daily exercise can boost your energy, reduce your stress level, and increase the flow of the brain’s natural feel-good chemicals like dopamine. Exercise can also safeguard your brain health long-term, potentially protecting you from depression and other mental disorders.


Weight loss medications, like oral and injected drugs, can reduce your appetite and help you succeed in your weight loss program. Each drug works differently and may be right for different situations. For example, many oral medications work by reducing appetite, while injected ones help control appetite and also slow down the stomach emptying so you feel full longer.  


Psychotherapy can help you figure out how your mental health contributes to your weight. It gives you tools to improve your mental health, general health, and quality of life.

Do I qualify for weight loss medication? 

Generally, weight loss medication is for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. However, if you have a BMI of 27-29 and also have a comorbid condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, you can qualify for medication management. 

Trilogy Behavioral Health Services offers everything you need for successful weight loss. Call the office near you or click online scheduling now.